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$1500 for a one camera and nvr system for indoor what to get

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So $1500 is my budget for an ip camera and nvr together what do you guys think i should get. Its for a small hair salon for day monitoring. I want at least a 2mp vandal proof camera. In total i look at adding 2 more ip cameras in the future.



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Axis may be the best bet for you as they include CMS software that works pretty well for free. They don't make a 2MP, so it's going to have to be their 3MP then, the P3346, vandal dome, set you back about $900 give or take. You can even go for their 5MP (P3367) for about $1,100 and still be under budget. Then buy PoE switch like a ZyXel 8 port for about $60-80. Add a NAS like a WD MyBook Live 1 or 2TB for $150ish. Then download and install Axis Camera Companion and use that to configure the motion detection, NAS for storage and the camera will do all the work of motion detection and writing to the NAS. So think of the NVR as a combination of the camera and NAS. So all out, should run $1,200 give or take or $1,400 for the 5MP. Then for added safety, buy a UPS (battery backup) for $60-80 and plug the switch and NAS to it and you'll be able to record during power outages/glitches.


You only need to look at Axis Camera Companion on a PC when you want to view the cameras or the recordings, does not have to be on when you are not looking at it and it can be run on computer you use for something else. Check my blog, I have an article on Axis Camera Companion and one of the Axis P33 models.


Where's the hair salon?

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I 2nd the Mobotix. As you said you want day time coverage, I would look at the Q24M-SEC model which will give you 360 degree coverage of the room at 3 Megapixel plus audio. As a bonus you also get on board analytics so you can do people counting inside areas of the shop, or track traffic to certain areas, ie shelves, displays, etc.


MSRP on the Q24 is $998 and you can record directly to an SD card inside or to a NAS. No PC is needed for recording or operation. You can use a PC with free software included or stream to a smart phone or tablet.


When you buy from an authorized Mobotix partner you should get a 2 year warranty and should be able to configure basic settings and recording on the camera for you free of charge.


The Axis is an ok solution, we just happen to really like Mobotix.

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