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  1. Those are actually the reasons we like Mobotix as a product line. H.264 is good on compression but can be lossy. While not perfect, the mxpeg is pretty decent. I am waiting to see how h.265 or other codecs that are supporting 4k change things in the future. We support all our sales internally and this allows us to differentiate over other dealers and outlets like amazon. You can buy Mobotix on Amazon but good luck with getting any warranty or tech support. Yes the software is not user friendly at first but for most people does the job. For large projects or multiple brand installs we are a strong proponent of Milestone VMS. Axis is more a mainstream, standard install type of product. Mobotix is despite their marketing, a niche product that does its job well in those non run of the mill installs, with remote site / solar being I feel the strongest one.
  2. For this type of application we usually recommend Mobotix hands down over others. We just had a Ski Resort project last week and they ended up using Axis for inside the lodge and Mobotix for on the slopes. Just from a ruggedness standpoint we have used them in Nome, Alaska; Arctic Circle, Australia and a few resorts. The new 5mp has had some really positive feedback from our customers who have tried it. From what we have seen they are using 5MP sensors and only recording at 3MP. This is due to more of the limits of the processing power in the cameras more then anything else. In real world we see most customers only record at 1MP or lower anyways so for a large percentage of customers this is no issue. I havent gotten down to chip level analysis on the new sensors but I am leaning towards them using pixel binning to get the better low light performance. Both Mobotix and Axis are great brands, we tend to lean towards Mobotix due to its all in one design, configuration options, and they are built like tanks. Feel free to PM with any questions if you are leaning towards mobotix.
  3. After a little delay, it looks like Mobotix has released the new updated 25 series to their product lineup. The new line replaces the older 3MP sensors with an enhanced 5MP sensor. The new 5MP sensors are seeing a 20-30% real world improvement in terms of low light performance. We havnt gone into board level testing, so not sure if its the better sensor board, or if they are using Binning and merging pixels to increase light gathering for low lux levels. Also in an interesting development, the new M25 model has the option for a 320mm telephoto lens that doubles the previously available 160mm lens. This makes the M25 a great option for LPR applications and long range image capture. http://www.mobotix.com/other/content/view/full/225009
  4. Voipmodo

    New Mobotix M15

    We have sold a bunch of the M15 models and it has a very much improved sensor over the M12 in terms of image quality and low light performance. The color sensors are 5MP but Mobotix is limiting recording to 3MP to not overtax the system and degrade performance.
  5. Voipmodo


    If you are buying Milestone I would make sure you are buying from an Authorized Dealer. Most have trained techs and sales reps who can answer your questions and make sure you get the right version and licenses, and direct you to an easy place to download the right version. MIlestone stopped selling direct a little while ago and they strongly encourage using a certified partner for those reasons. Normally they want all sales questions to go to the partners. http://www.milestonesys.com/Software/Additional-Resources/WheretoBuy/Reseller-Finder/
  6. One option would be to use milestone Xprotect Go (free) or essentials (small cost) and use that to record and manage the Mobotix and the Qsee models. The qsee should be able to be used as a standard Onvif camera under milestone. You can then use the mobile app to view all of the cameras together. If you want simpler then I second the Qnap options. buellwinkle Sir: Always appreciate your assistance and response. I guess I was not detailed enough on my original question and maybe need to ask the same or similar question in reverse. I really do not care if the QSee cameras actually record but I do need them for live viewing. So can the software that can be downloaded from Mobotics MXViewer allow me to view the 2 Mobotics cameras and also the Qsee cameras on the same screen? Or would Blue Iris support both styles, brands of cameras for viewing? I can easily ditch the NVR and move on but I wanted to utilize the QSee cameras if possible. Thank You Chucky
  7. You could add an IP encoder on just one of the camera and then give that login info to the police, then have it loop back to the dvr.
  8. Voipmodo

    High end cams for vehicle?

    If you want really high end look into the Panasonic Arbitrator 360 systems.. These are what law enforcement use.
  9. We have been having good luck with Milestone. Our partner company does installs throughout the Northeast for schools and municipal projects and they almost exclusivelly use milestone, but sometimes throw exacq into the mix.
  10. We have sold quite a bit of the Grandstream cameras and customers have been pretty happy. It works well with Milestone VMS as well.
  11. Voipmodo

    Do Pinhole Camera Use a Type of CCTV Lens

    You can get pinhole CS mount lenses, the marshalls work very well for this. We used them with a client who wanted to monitor an interview room with a cs mount camera. They used one of the fixed mounts and it worked well. You can also get a motorized mount to cover larger areas, and all you see in the room is a very, very small hole that gets lost in a ceiling tile.
  12. I have the following available for best offer: QTY 1 IQINvision iq853v7npss new in box, plus second unit that may or may not work (parts) 3MP outdoor QTY 8 Iguard LM520-SC Door readers , supermaster unit, door relays.. Qty 1 Acti ACD-2100 Encoder Qty 3 Hoffman DAH1001a Electric heater - New in Box Plus lots of random Axis dome covers, bases, etc.. These are $50 box or random parts. Get a bunch of domes for basically cost of shipping.
  13. All of the Mobotix models will do this. Records to a NAS and an alert you via Email or Push notification to IOS devices via their free App.
  14. They do not have a mounting bracket separate on these There is a hole cutout sheet included to use as a template and the bottom comes off and acts as a mounting plate which you can then use toggle or other connectors to mount (not included).
  15. This is a Dome indoor camera with no IR. They have a Low Light camera for indoor use, and they also have a few outdoor models as well.