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Best analogue DVR with best remote software ?

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Hi all,

I just installed an Inspire Red 16 ch DVR after reading about its good price and high spec. However, I didnt research the remote software very well and its proved to be a pain in the backside for the following reasons:

1. Can only log in via a windows PC with IE 32, or Chrome with ie tab installed. The web browser software is very limited and dont even include a rewind button! Searching for images is a long drawn out process as there are no camera filters etc.

2. Android app is good and easy to install, but only offers live images.

3. Ipad and Iphone software is varied and I have not found a free one that works well yet. Ive not tried the paid ones, but all mobile apps only show live images.


Can anyone recommend a good DVR that has a remote software for Windows, android, Mac, Ipad and iphone that includes the facility to search and play recorded images, plus easy filters?


Basically, any remote software that is as good as the old Dedicated Network Viewer would be perfect!

But for a 16 ch D1 DVR in the region of £800-£1500.


Thank you

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The two brands I use the most are Hikvision and Dahua, they both have software for Windows (client and Activex), Mac(client), iOS, Android, etc. I do think that Hikvision software is ahead to Dahua, but both of them are fine, and way batter than any other no brand/chinese DVR I have tried.

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Dahua all the way. PSS is pretty robust (and runs on any OS that will run Wine), the iOS clients are ok, Rory Knowles has some really nice utilities that are IMO better than PSS, and lastly, if that's not enough, they provide and SDK if you want to roll your own tool.

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