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  1. yakky

    Hikvision NAS setup

    Thanks for posting this up and the previous post on the export parameters, I finally was able to get my Annke 8 channel hybrid DVR working with NFS. I was testing with a small 8gig mount thinking I'd make something small and quick. It saw the mount but failed after 20%. It took a 17 gig file to work in my case, nothing smaller would work. I ended up using a loopback file system instead of a drive or quotas. Another thing I noticed was that after a few failed mounts, nothing works, you have to reboot as the NFS client on the DVR gets hung.
  2. Completely wrong. You can get very good facial detail over analog. People have been getting put in jail for years with low def analog cameras.
  3. yakky

    porting problem with my DVR

    You need to configure port forwarding on your router.
  4. Holy crap are criminals getting stupid. Lets build something to look blurry because I can't find where mommy put my ski mask....
  5. yakky

    Camera comparison help

    So true. The CNB 24VF series cameras have mediocre specs. But in real life, they are some of the best analog cameras.
  6. yakky

    [SOLD] CNB DVR 4CH: HDF1212DV 500GB - $160

    IMO a fair offer is around $100, maybe $150 tops. I can get a HDE2412 brand new for $250
  7. I think a lot of people say 100 meters is max recommended but there are people who have gone way over that. I see the Gem baluns recommended frequently as the best, I have some mid priced generics from Amazon and they seem to do ok.
  8. yakky

    SEVERE Vulnerability in some DVR Firmware

    This is a good wakeup call for all of us. I'm sure there are plenty of other exploits for the other branded DVRs that aren't well known yet....
  9. yakky

    Dahua DVR No-ip problem

    Agree, when available, using the router's ddns clients a more reliable method, and most routers have more options available as far as services.
  10. Your post indicated you weren't even sure of the mfg, indicating you hadn't looked anyway, at least to me.
  11. Dennis, I don't think you've applied yourself. Using that model number, the first hit in google is the manufactures site which has manuals.
  12. yakky

    Outdoor IR Cameras

    IMO, its very hard to beat the Qvis EYE-34N. ~$70 each, good IR, even at wide angles, great DSP and good night vision. Kvu7YJkrlAo You can see it compared to other various cameras on my channel.
  13. yakky

    FS: CNB VCM-24VF 600TVL

    I'm sure if you dropped your price down to $100, it'd be gone quick as it really is as good as it gets for non-ir analog cameras in the budget price range.
  14. yakky

    FS: CNB VCM-24VF 600TVL

    Great camera, but they can be had new for $132 shipped from an authorized dealer.
  15. It will always increase bandwidth 1x per user, there is no way around that. I think what you could accomplish is the place the server somewhere where the aren't bandwidth restrictions is what you will need to do. [CCTV DVR]-----(RTSP Stream)------>[VLC Server]--------->Clients As long as you have your VLC server somewhere that isn't bandwidth restricted, you will be able to accomplish your goal.