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CCTV Camera suggestions for Geovision system

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I've been looking for good information regarding CCTV's and I think I've hit my landing spot!


My scenerio is this:


Newly constructed home where I have wired with siamese RG59/power to 8 different locations around the house (inside and out). I'm running a Geovision GV800 PCI in a older Dell dual processor server and is currently operational..


I'm looking for camera suggestions to satisfy my needs for outdoor and indoor use. My primary area of focus is the outside. I'm looking for as much bang for the buck as I can get while maximizing the ability of my DVR card.


What do most folks go with to cover rear doors and patios and front and sides of homes? Of course it will need some sort of IR for night viewing as well.


One area to note, or rather a question I have is that; the location of one camera is right by one of the motion sensing LED floodlights we have. It will not be pointed AT the camera but will it affect the camera at all?


Some additional questions:

1. Would it be prutend for heater option for the camera to prevent fogging up?

2. What wire is recommended for PTZ control? I did not run that wire but if it makes sense to add it I might be able to get the wire there..

3. What is the highest resolution analog camera available that I use for the GV800 card? (I tried to find that in the manuals but was not very successful.)

4. What is the difference between Array IR and the traditional IR?


Looking forward to this cool site!! Thanks!!

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