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Chip set fan

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Any of you guys ever replace the chip set fan on the Motherboard for a quite one. If so which one did ya buy.

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What do you mean by chip set? Which motherboard or CPU? You mean the big CPU fan or does your board have a fan for the graphics card/chip or Northbridge chip (if it HAS a Northbridge chip)? I've always liked Zalman coolers for CPUs and video cards. Most Northbridges in my experience had passive coolers but if my memory serves some overclocking boards had a fan on the NB heatsink. That might be old-school now though. I haven't added any quiet coolers lately but if I were to look l'd start on newegg.com under "zalman cpu cooler", "quiet cpu cooler", or "silent cpu cooler". silentpcreview.com was always a great place for learning about quiet coolers, fans, HDs, power supplies, etc. I can't comment on other coolers because I've always used either Zalman or modded the 12v CPU fan to run on 7 volts. That's the cheapest option but not the safest- you have to make sure that your particular cpu fan will always start at 7 volts, and that it'll handle full CPU load in the summer with some dustbunnies added without overheating (cpu temp monitoring and alarm required). Not for the faint of heart. Buying something like a Zalman or other quiet cooler will give you peace of mind. I've always liked passive heatpipe graphics card coolers in my quiet PCs as well.

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