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Analogue home entry system

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I would first like to say that my cctv knowledge is limited.


In my flat block(in the uk)we have a door entry system with a camera feed(analogue) that is fed to the varies flats inn the block.

each flat has an ariel socket on the wall where we can plug our tvs in and tune into the frequency on our tv tuners. I have done this on my tv and can see the image clearly on the tv.


What I am now looking to do is somehow record this feed so that I can playback should there be any break ins etc. I know that I could use an old video recorder and change the tape every day but I was hoping to have something in place that I could just leave alone and it would record continuously just like a dvr.


1) is there any dvrs that have a built in analogue tuner that would allow me to do this?


2) is there perhaps a way of converting the analogue signal to a digital signal and then feeding to a dvr


3) is there computer based products that would allow me to feed an ariel connection into my pc(probably via pci card) and manage the recording/playback of the cctv feed from the computer?


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You could just pick up a simple TV tuner card for your computer or if you want to use a dedicated DVR, you could get a set top tuner/converter box that has analog video outputs and connect those to the dvr.

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