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Advice on a CCTV System

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I am new here but have looked around and don't see any one post that helps my questions. If there is one, my apologies for the redundancy.


We are currently about to begin constructing a new building that will contain 3 condos for my 2 brothers and myself. We have identified between 12 and 14 places where we would like cameras - all of which are outdoor. I also believe that they should be IP based because it seems like that's the way everything is currently moving. In addition, the automation touchpanels are able to natively display H.264 video streaming feeds. However, there is a catch...


Our building contains a 16x16 HDMI switcher through a Crestron control system that allows for serial, IR, and other types of control. The part about getting the video is easy - simple HDMI or VGA connection out of the NVR I assume. The problem that I can't figure out is how to be able to pull up individual feeds onto the TV's themselves. Unfortunately, we are unable to have keyboards and mice linking to the one NVR in every room. Although it is nice to see a huge matrix with all the feeds, we would like to be able to hit a button on the touchscreens or controlpads that trigger a single or multiple cameras to fill the screen.


I have looked and looked and can't seem to find any NVR's that contain Serial or IR support so that the Crestron could trigger a view change when desired. The reason this is desired is because the system is being programmed so that when the doorbell rings or the front motion is set off, the Crestron system will trigger the TV's to turn on, set the input to cameras, and then - ideally - blow up that specific camera to a single view.


Please let me know if you have any advice or need any more information. Thanks for your help.



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