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CCTV Feed Over Internet to be Viewable by Users

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Hi Guys,


I am new to this forum and CCTV world.


I want to create a system which will record the feed of CCTV (can be more than one) and simultaneously allow users (can be more than one) over internet to view it LIVE. Also, will more upload bandwidth be used if the number of users viewing feed increase? Also there can be multiple scenarios, like

  • 3 users viewing CCTV A
    2 users viewing CCTV A and 2 users viewing CCTV B


Any information regarding this will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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You can do that with many systems. You will likely have to piecemeal several software packages or write your own. And yes, more viewers means more bandwidth used. Unless you are giving people a user account on your DVR and letting them use the DVRs web interface, this will not be a simple exercise.

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I've done this a couple of times with the help of an IT contractor. Basically he points the dvr to a public network address (port forwarding). Hit the IP address in your browser and you limit the users from the dvr with user log-ins. Bandwith is a major limitation with video streams and the more people trying to access that connection will have an impact definately. Depending on the DVR whether you can view just live or playback. Playback can be a lot more network heavy. Also most DVR manufacturers are coming out with iphone / android apps (playback not a common feature just yet but it will be).

Hope that helps a bit


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Hi yakky & Tilly,


Thanks for replying and helping me out


Most important part of this is that the number of users shouldn't increase the bandwidth consumed proportionally or exponentially (a little bit increase is fine).


Any idea how to implement it?


Here is little flowchart of what I want.




I really appreciate your help.


Thanks and regards

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It will always increase bandwidth 1x per user, there is no way around that. I think what you could accomplish is the place the server somewhere where the aren't bandwidth restrictions is what you will need to do.


[CCTV DVR]-----(RTSP Stream)------>[VLC Server]--------->Clients


As long as you have your VLC server somewhere that isn't bandwidth restricted, you will be able to accomplish your goal.

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