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AD DV16000 need more smarts than I got

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AD dv 16000 purchased through Ebay, OK derision will be accepted, however, how else to get to play with thousands of dollars worth of equipment for almost nothing? Problems encountered as follows: found cpu unseated, bent pins, heat sink grease used in great abundance and running between pins on cpu. All fixed requiring 2 hours of straightening pins. Now boots to intellex flash screen, flash screen runs for a minute or so then, hit f4 for setup appears. Appearing in setup are: Floppy, hd 0, cd, usb boot. Why not the other 2 HDs? Is IDE socket dead? There are no passwords set according to the setup selection. Is there some secret boot procedure that I should know that the manuals don't mention? I do not have cameras connected. Could the someone who unseated the cpu have shuffled the HDs? Is BIOS is reserving two of the drives for recording? Boot up shows HD 0 so looks like it should message "no os" instead of hit F4. This unit was built around 2005 according to the date stamps on some of the components. It has a video card with HDVI jack. The MB is Intel Desktop Board D865GBF. 256mb mem.. Any suggestion as to my next step would be appreciated. I am thinking I might pull the HDs and put them in another computer to see what is on them, try to find windows. In case the boot drive is dead or wiped what am I going to need to load to get er done?



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