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Dahua light sensitivity for Auto Day/Night Mode ? >>

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Is there anyway to adjust the sensitivity on the Auto Day/Night mode. I am having a problem where one of my cameras is not switching out of Night mode unless the blinds are open. Its just a touch to dark still. Would be nice if I could change the light sensitivity one way or the other.


I really don't want to use the Switch by period setting as that need changed all the time as sunrise/set changes.



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I'm having the same issue, but I don't really think there is a way to fix that, unfortunately. A new firmware could of course fix it, but Dahua has a stupid policy on firmware updates (and how they make them available).


Another issue that is annoying, is that in the twilight period, the camera adjusts gain or exposure up and down, as if they forgot to add some hysteresis to their algorithms. These rather rapid adjustments triggers motion detection on my NAS (Synology), and that's irritating.

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