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  1. I don't know which sensor it is, but I'm sure the chip was marked A5S.
  2. Most likely the supplier has patched them manually, but they are still Chinese region cameras.
  3. You can only use one of these at a time? You can use line traversal and intrusion detection simultaneously, but not face detection.
  4. Maybe I'm not configuring it correctly. You have to leave motion detection still enabled still - correct? Or do you turn motion detection off completely and enable one of the new methods instead? You can use the other features without having motion detection enabled, but as mentioned, it will not work with Surveillance Station.
  5. Ok, that means it doesn't work in the newer versions of SS either. That's a pity, because it looks like line traversal and intrusion detection might be better than general motion detection. At least in theory.
  6. That's been my experience too. Nothing I do gets Synology Surveillance Station capturing Traversal, Face Detection or Intrusion Detection. Just for reference, which version of DSM and Surveillance Station are you running? I'm still on DSM 4.3 and SS 6.1-2976. DSM 5 has the awful new UI and seemingly a lot of bugs, so I haven't updated. I think the newer versions (6.3-xxxx) of Surveillance Station has better native support for these cameras, have you tried that? I'm using the PSIA mode in Surveillance Station for mine (with ONVIF I can't have motion detection by the cameras, and the native mode works no better than PSIA).
  7. Two additional observations: If I set up a shared folder on the NAS, and then connect to this folder using SMB/CIFS (not NFS!) in the camera, the camera will actually respect the quota for the user I set up. In other words, I can set up one unique user per camera, and set a quota for each of those users. This means the camera will only "see" the quota size for any folder, and it will only "format" this amount of space in the folder. And another interesting observation is that when using the camera playback function, you can have it overlay the detection features (like line traversal and intrusion detection) and show which one was tripped. This could be helpful when trying to fine-tune the settings. To play back the video without these overlays, just disable "Rules" under the camera local configuration tab.
  8. Ok, I've done some more testing, and I've concluded that there is no way to have anything other than regular (normal or expert) motion detection to get Surveillance Station to trigger. Line traversal, face detection and intrusion detection will not trigger under any circumstances. I then experiented a bit with setting up NFS on the NAS, and the cameras can connect just fine, but after initializing/"formatting" the NFS drive, it goes back to uninitialized, and it doesn't work. I've since discovered that this is a known bug, and that you have to patch the davinci file to fix it (or have a completely empty volume for the camera). I haven't done so, at least not yet. Then I did as you suggested, and shared a USB stick on a Windows computer, and set that up for storage on one of the cameras. With this setup I can get both line traversal and intrusion detection to work, and what is more, now it is possible to search the log. My assumption that the log needed external storage to work was therefore correct. I'm a bit annoyed by this, because it just seems easier to have all this centralized in Surveillance Station, instead of having to scrub each camera for events. I guess the real solution is to move everything to a dedicated computer or NVR, running some other software (like Milestone or something).
  9. On mine the log is empty, even if motion events have been triggered. I suspect this is because I don't use NFS/FTP, it just alerts Surveillance Station to make a recording.
  10. I'm on the latest/new 5.1.6 build, and I have tried resetting the config (except user and ip info). To use intrusion detection and line traversal, should the normal/regular motion detection be enabled or disabled? Does the "Dynamic analysis for motion" work, so that you can see when the above mentioned features are triggered? It could be that those features does not want to send the events to Surveillance Station (even though regular motion detection does), and that I'd have to do a NFS setup to get it working, but that would be a bit annoying.
  11. I've updated my cameras to the new 5.1.6, and I tried getting some of the new features to work, but to no avail. I am using Surveillance Station on a NAS as the recording device, and I can set up motion detection (using expert mode) in the cameras. When the cameras detect motion, they'll signal SS to start recording, which does work. However, it looks to me like the new intrusion detection and line traversal options (but according to the release notes, these are mutually exclusive) could be a better fit for my needs, but I was unable to get any of those to work. Are there any special tricks needed to get this working? I think I've tried most combinations of options, but no dice.
  12. I saw him around here somewhere. He looks a bit tired from lack of sleep though This 5.1.6 is different than the old 5.1.6. I'm not sure how though. Some release notes /change logs would be nice On the US FTP there is now a pdf document containing the release notes for the "new" 5.1.6.
  13. ftp://ftp.hikvisionusa.com/ User: hikfirmware Pass: Hikvision123
  14. I have also updated my three Chinese cameras (region-changed by CBX) from the web-interface, no problems. I haven't tried any of the new features though, so all I can vouch for is that the actual update was flawless.
  15. I haven't tried 5.1.6, but I am using my cameras (older firmware) with Surveillance Station, and motion detection by the cameras, which is working (but it is difficult to avoid a lot of false detections if you also want to catch real action). I think you need to verify if regular motion detection works first, and if it does, the more advanced detection features *should* also work, since then you know that the cameras are able to signal to Surveillance Station that a recording should be made.