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Telephone Remote Camera Access

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I have a vacant house, and just a telephone line and a phone number. I do not have internet do the house until I get new tenants.

I would like to setup a single camera inside the house so I can see if there are any break-ins.

I was wondering if a system exists where I can dial in through the phone line into a camera, or it have motion detection and notify me somehow. Or record it? But access it via telephone line from a different city.

I do not want to keep a computer there with a hard drive in case it gets stolen.

I have found this http://www.wificamit.com/camit-i-.html a camit-1 camera. But the software for the demo on it is from 2001. And doesnt seem to work on windows 8 or 7 for me.

I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong part of this forum, As I have no knowledge as to where to post properly. I thank you guys for your time reading this, and your effort helping me, if anyone can please.

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Actually there used to be some systems that would deliver EXTREMELY limited video over DIAL UP, but they sucked.


I do not think ANYBODY is making one today.


Whenever I removed one I smashed it with a sledge hammer before tossing it in the dumpster so I would never risk having to explain to a client why they couldn't have 32 1080P channels over their POTS line again.


I then sent bribes to every other installer in the world to do the same along with a 10 pound sledge.


What is the physical distance and line of sight between the empty premise and the premise where video would desire to be viewed? if a few hundred feet then a wireless transmission using a several hundred dollar wireless link MIGHT be possible. If a few miles, then a few thousand dollar wireless link might be possible. If no line of site then not possible at all. If you are one of those who hear the hundred dollars and miles because those are the only words you want to hear then you will be sadly, grossly, permanently, and irrevocabley disappointed.

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