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Verint Encoders?

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Hello, i was wondering if anyone has expereince with Verint Encoders, specifically a S1712E.


They appear to be alot cheaper then axis encoders.. IE 241Q and i get well 12 channels instead of 4.


It would be used with a milestone system and it is on their compatability list.


I guess im just wondering why they seem so cheap compared to Axis.


Thank you!

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Was probably looking at the 241Q as it would be supported by Control4.


That one would run about 100ish per channel used.. the verint based on 12 channels would only be ~20ish per channel..


So there would be a massive difference, i could not integrate it with control4, but at that price it would be worth it and he would have more channels available..


Other question i guess in Milestone, do you need 12 liscenses to add the encoder? Or will it only let you youse say 4 cameras with 4 liscenses.


I know Genetec automatically pulls 4 liscenses for a quad encoder.



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