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DVR Channel Display assignment

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Can you assign the output display on a DVR DH0804 HF-U-E

so that the 4 camera view is...ex. cam 1 2 3 9


It is a hybrid DVR, CH. 1-8 analog, 9-16 IP.

I have 3 analog and 1 ip camera that I would

like to view all on 1 screen, in the 4 camera view.


I know I can set the tour to cycle, but wanting to know if I can set the

assigned display to any channel.

Like you can do in PSS or Web Service, move whatever cam you want to any display window.


I have not been able to find any settings to do it.



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Bump. Sort of. Just replying to see if it fixes the problem where this message stays at the top of my unread messages list even after I've read it repeatedly. Sorry I can't help with the problem.

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