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  1. jmcu

    WTS: 8MP PTZ

  2. jmcu

    WTS: 8MP PTZ

    I am selling my top mount PTZ. The camera has a excellent picture and is less than 60 days old. It is a heavy duty rugged, waterproof PTZ. I am selling it for $975 plus shipping. HCM682NX22 Uniview lens 1/1.7 8mp 4K @30fps 22x zoom h264/265 adjustable IR distance triple stream IP67 No wiper on this camera because of the size of the lens. Heatware feedback: http://www.heatware.com/u/72753 ebay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=jmcu1&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller&searchInterval=30 video: pmJpvRMkWh8
  3. jmcu

    Mobile Unit build

    Hi Khalid, I do not have the mast all the way up when I am moving the vehicle, I will only move a short distance with it about 1/3 of the way up. I can tell you I do like the new camera I installed that is a vehicle mount with damper for vibrations. The camera is much more solid in movement, allowing it to stay in any direction without moving while I am driving down the road. I also can pan 360 without the mount being in the way. This also allows me not having to be backed into the area I want to film, being able to film in all directions.
  4. Here are some snapshots of a HZSoar 4k mobile PTZ. Photo then zoomed. It is a 8mp with a 1/1.7 sensor@ 30fps. 22x h264 / 265 with 2 sub streams The image quality is overall very good if not excellent. There was some noise in the dark area in pic 3, top but that may because I didn't have all the settings correct. I would of expected a lot more noise around the outside of the image but it was rather good. Each snap shot is about 32MB so these are way downsized. the link at the bottom has a few photos at 50% ratio. I don't know of a hosting site for 4k photos http://demo.chevereto.com/a/Sco 1080 clip ma8TmlurRJs
  5. jmcu

    For sale: nvr 5208-4ks2

    I have 2 - h265 ptz's a 4mp dahua and a 8mp hzsoar but they are not for sale at this time.
  6. I think you are correct. On all my Dahua PTZ's the IRs are wide when zoomed out and pretty direct when zoomed in. I just picked up a Soar970 PTZ and the IRs are quite a bit wider. it is a 8 mp dome. I will put up some night pics soon. Still testing it out.
  7. jmcu

    Best 4k ip camera

    I just purchased a soar970 4K PTZ vehicle mount camera. It has a 8mp @30 fps, h264, 1/1.7 22x uniview lens. It is a IP 67 rated dome. I am still testing it out, but so far the picture is excellent and the IR is very good. My problem I am seeing is the bandwidth. I am setting it up on its own network to a 4K NVR, and at times it can be troublesome with freeze frames. I am still playing with the settings trying to fine tune things. I'm sure it is far from the best but it sure looks good and at a much cheaper price than I have seen them going for.
  8. Here are a few night shots. The tractor is by the tree in 1st shot. 2nd zoomed.
  9. jmcu

    For sale: nvr 5208-4ks2

    Price lowered $425
  10. See if these work, click the pic to make full size http://cdn-demo.chevereto.com/images/2016/06/24/l6l.jpg http://cdn-demo.chevereto.com/images/2016/06/24/l6D.jpg http://cdn-demo.chevereto.com/images/2016/06/24/l6q.jpg http://cdn-demo.chevereto.com/images/2016/06/24/l6C.jpg
  11. I tried to attach but it says file too big. Max is 500kb These are 2592 x 1520 2-3 mb
  12. I don't know what you mean by "original" ? The full size?
  13. jmcu

    Mobile Unit build

    After testing the rig out a few times I am pretty pleased except filming in windy conditions.. And the blind spot while doing a 360 pan. I have a little "sway" if I am moving around in the vehicle or if it is a real windy day. I am able to run the unit at least 3+ hours without having to start the vehicle to charge up the battery. I am sure I can go longer but time will tell. I am only pulling <75w with everything on. Here are some shots with the 4mp PTZ, I am changing it out with a 8mp PTZ shown below, to rid the blind spot and with a anti shake damper.
  14. Here are some shots pulled from a Dahua 4MP PTZ camera -SD6C430U (unedited)