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Balun problems! Please help.

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Hello all


I know this problem is beat to death but I tried an alternative and I still have the problem, wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction.


I have 16 cams all ran from 50ft to 370ft (6 under 100ft/ 4 under 300ft / 2 under 370 ft) all the close ones seem to have power... 50-100 ft I understand that it could have been a power I originally have a psu that was 18ch 12V/10amps my cameras are 500mA each so


16cams x .5A = 8A total do I figure 10A will do the job.

It didn't. Only for the short runs now I have one that is borderline and it provides power but it have a gray screen flickers but that's about all. So my solution was go buy a new psu. Bout a 18ch 12A still all the same problems... I'm stumped like analog ill attach pics of what I am seeing.


hope someone can help me out thank you.


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If it is the long runs that are causing your problems have you measured the voltage at the far end while the camera is plugged in? Is it lower than the minimum voltage of the camera?


If it is a voltage drop problem you might try:

- eliminating the baluns for power

- adjusting the supply (if adjustable), be careful of the maximum voltage for cameras nearer to the supply.

- running thicker cable / using more pairs for power

- use a 24vac solution

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