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Help to get rid of large monitor

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I have a Samsung home security camera system that came with my house when I purchased it about 5 years ago.I don't really use the system but I have found it comes in handy at times. I don't like the huge, heavy monitor and would like to get rid of it but still be able to use the cameras. I would like to either be able to hook it up to a T.V. or to the internet. Since I don't use the system much I don't want to spend to much money. I would like to know if any of this would be possible and if so what would I need. I have been looking online for a solution for a while but I don't have enough of an understanding about the system to figure out what would work. The system has monitor model SSC-21DQ with 1 dome camera model SOD14DC and 2 standard cameras model SOD14C. The cameras have the rj11 cables. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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you can not replace the monitor. all those cameras are feeding into those rj11 connections on the back of that monitor. what you can do, is utilize the bnc video output of that monitor and feed it into the video input of another flat screen monitor that also has a bnc connection. to view it remotely, you would have to utilize the video output of the monitor and feed it into a dvr that has internet access.

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