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New to the forum, looking for some help.


Our church has 2 cameras that we record sermons with. The cameras are controlled with a Vicon V7100 and 2 receivers (V7700R) (I believe this system is from the early 1990's.)


Anyways, on the V7100 I can control 1 camera left and right, up and down, but it will not zoom in or out.


On camera #2, I can zoom in and out, down but NOT up, and the manual aperture will not work until 90 minutes after being turned on.


I am very new to this stuff and the guy who installed the system is looong gone.


Am I having issues with the controller? The receivers? Both?


Thanks! Brian

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you may want to call Vicon directly at 800-645-9116 they have a great tech support team and should be able to help you troubleshoot these issues.

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