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Call me silly but....

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Hey guys, this is part vent and part warning.


I have been having nothing but issues with a speco DVR. Its the RS model that is wall mounted and comes with a small LCD(what the customer wanted). I am an avid Everfocus guy myself. Like i was saying, nothing but issues. Remote login issues, couldnt get it to be viewable over mobile devices, it fried my baluns.... So i get on google and start looking for help with the remote viewing over mobile devices.... I read for hours and i came across an idea someone suggested where they were able to fix the mobile issue by removing the CMOS battery from the board and putting it back in. Good idea i thought... works for PC's when the Bios is messed up... had a few people reply and even thank him because it worked for them.... I get on site yesterday and i pop that baby out... back in... boot it up and *** NO HARD DRIVE *** I stayed home from work today and called Speco. Tech support says that battery holds the sync for the HD and board only. I now have to send it back for repair. The guy also said its "planned obsolescence" when that battery dies you have to pay speco to re sync or you have to buy a new one!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! What the heck? REALLY? Has anyone else been inside a standard DVR from other brands? Is this common practice? I have $60 DVR's that allow me to scan for HD's in the menu....

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