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IC Realtime IP camera installation - Advice needed please

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Hi, Need some installation advice please,

I'm gonna attempt to install myself, first timer!

save some money!

It didn't really come with any installation instructions.


I bought an IC Realtime Breeze 4 channel 1TB NVR with

2 x 1080p IP IR camera's model no. ICIP-D2000VIR again from IC Realtime.

I'm Gonna mount the camera's externally and run cat5e cables to the NVR from the cameras with POE.

Now the camera states it has a 3-9mm varifocal motorised lens,

How do i set this up for optimun viewing and focus, there's a little joystick on the camera itself (F,N,T,W ?), but it seems hit and miss, or can i control and adjust it from the NVR software itself? Whats the best way to position and set-up the camera's for best picture quality, range and focus?


Also how do i set up the NVR for access and viewing on my laptop, i guess i have to download the client software from the IC realtime website, but how do i pair it up to my NVR and Camera's.

Someone told me i need a static or dynamic IP address, is that true, and whats the difference between the two? and how do i do it?

I will want to access my NVR when i'm away from home and abroad on my laptop.

Any help or advice much appreciated. Mike

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Setting up and aiming the lens is a personal thing, point where you want, adjust the focal length to what works for you.


Accessing you cameras or the NVR is a multi-step process, no so easy. I did a write-up on steps you have to follow on my blog - http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=124


But instead of doing this at the camera level, just set this up at the NVR level. When I wrote this, dyndns.com was a free DDNS service, but they changed, but there's other free DDNS services, I use noip.com for one recent project and it works. Also, the NVR or your router may have DDNS services they work with, so that may steer you to one that works best for you.

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Mike, where do you live? Maybe one of the techs here can give you a hand for a reasonable price. Installing an IP system

with zero knowledge can be very frustrating.

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Anyone familiar with the ic realtime client software for windows?,

I can access my NVR on my laptop through the network, with the software i downloaded from IC Realtime.

But find the realtime picture is a bit steppy, not as free flowing as on the NVR itself. Is this due to bandwidth and can i improve it?

Also am not finding it very easy to playback recordings on my NVR, is there a quick way of scanning all your recorded stuff without knowing the exact time or date of a certain event recording?

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What are the specs of the PC? Are on wifi or hard wires into your network.

Normally, no, live video is not choppy when viewed over your own network. If your remote logged in and not on the same network as the NVR, that is a different story. This has nothing to do with IC realtime nor fps.

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adjusted the bandwidth settings and frame rates, now picture is pretty smooth when viewing remotely.


But when looking at straight lines (like on a door, car or railing)

the picture looks a bit jaggery (like sawtooth)

i've tried to adjust with the motorized lense the N & F, T & W settings, but it the images still appear this way.

It does look like a HD picture, but just thought all the lines would be sharp and clear as well. Is This Normal??

They are Full HD ,1080P, 2 megapixels camera's.

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