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**Genetec omnicastHelp Wanted**

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. I am a computer shop owner with 20 years of practical experience in the PC field. About 5 years ago i started installing cctv as i was at that time contracting myself for those installers that couldnt figure out how to put their customer systems on the web and they would hire me. Currently our shop installs a couple of systems a month of vairous types and are pretty sucsessful in doing this. About 1 year ago i took over a local municipalitys cameras system as they were frustrated with the installing company. I have learned with just hands on expericence the ins and outs of the GENETEC OMNICAST 4.8 software with no formal training or help (meaning were not a genetec rep) I have talked to them a few times and they will not really support me without myself or our small shop becoming a dealer. I dont see any real benifit do doing so as we are in a small area and dont have the sales base for their pricey product. I am looking for a "in between" company that will bill me to do do such things as my client needs and provide some support. I currently need to install another cam in this system and need to buy an additional license as we are out. I can handle the install and networking of the cam but do need someone who can sell me the software and help with the remote install into the omnicast as i have not done this but am famililar with the config too and such.

If you are at all interested in helping please email me at

asecureresponse@gmail.com or call 802-355-6785

thank you

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