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need help designing a man room system

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Not sure i am in the right area, I am a newbie, need some advise and direction.


I have a pool table in my man room. I would like to put in a camera system that will play the pool shooting action on my 32" Tv that is already hooked up in the man room. The tv is currently hooked to Direct tv receiver box. If it matters I do have wifi but it is upstairs and man room is down. Will get a signal but not strong one.


Here is what my wish list is. I have very little knowledge about camera systems and how they work, but this is what I would like to do:

1- position camera for a shot of the pool table to capture pool shots

2-be able to stream that pic of pool shots on the 32"tv

3-Be able to pause pic and do instant replays of shots

4-be able to record select shots to memory ( disk, memory stick etc )


I have a Aspire One netbook for use if necessary to run the system. Would need it mobile as I use it daily for other functions. Also have a Nexus 7 tablet.


I want a simple, inexpensive system if possible. Not a lot of money to throw at this so keep in mind a budget system.


If I am asking in the wrong place please be kind and direct me to the right forum or part of this forum. Thanks in advance!!

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If you just want to stream it get a camera and connect it to the RCA port on your TV (The yellow port)


If you want to pause and rewind and all that fun stuff you will need a DVR, you have to be able to record to rewind.

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