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Need Help pls.

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Hi every one, i am know to the CCTV World,,,

Please can any pro help me from where to start??


if you got Video training resources & if you want to shared with me i really a appreciated.




Tanks for all those will help me out

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google and you tube- lots of info on terminating cables co-ax cat5, tech info on cable loss video amplifers codecs to change video from 1 type of media to another ie from bnc to twisted pair using BALUN or from bnc to twisted pair using CAT5. anyone wanting info on basic NETWORKING I myself have used online free youtube videos by PROFFESOR MESSER 20minute video bytes and found it Excellent the way he explains stuff- well enough to have an understanding of basics for Video using IP networks.

Google - a techies best friend. Good luck.

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