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Use VLC to view feeds from chinese DVRs

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This is a gold find! " title="Applause" />


Now at the least I can use RSTP with VLC stream record to save the data offsite


I can't stand the fact that I bought this machine and the FTP upload refuses to work. Wireshark shows no comms at all to the chosen LAN machine, even on a low tech switch. If anyone has any clues about FTP upload on this 16ch D1 "Intelligent HD DVR" please let me know.


Thank you for posting this!!


* I have something called DVR9516HE with HI3531 chipset

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Gyus , i have been fighting to make my http url to work....rtsp is working as the previous post are mentioning....but how can i figure out the http streaming ?

I would like to upload my camera to EarthCam...and from what i see they accept only http streams...

I am trying this but no luck :




Any ideas ??what is missing ??

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I don't know if it's too late, but I am trying to connect my dvr and trying to find the appropriate rstp link for it. I used the mentioned format upove but it seems not to work; however there is a software that is called cmr2000 was able to give me the feed however I can't know the link it is using. I gave the software username, password, and media port.


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