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Replace Sensor with Different Wiring

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So I'm just a hobbyist with this stuff and have gotten myself into a project that's proving to be a little more complex than I had expected. Here is a picture of my PTZ setup. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but I've tried to label things as best as I know how to help you get your bearings straight.


The attachment "Camera_Setup.jpg" is the way the insides of a PTZ system I have looks. 36x Powered Zoom lens connected with ribbon cable to a circuit board. That circuit board connects with ribbon cable to the board that the CCD sensor is on. Sensor board and lens board are connected with ribbon cable. Then the lens board connects with ribbon to the systems main circuit board (where the pan/tilt and IR devices are connected to as well). The ribbon cable is a 9-pin ribbon cable, by the way. The sensor is supposed to be Effio-E.


Problem is, the sensor is bad and I'm needing to replace it. I'd REALLY like to replace it with an Effio-V board (see the other 2 attachments for front and back of Effio-V board). It seems to all fit fine, except that new Effio-V sensor board doesn't use ribbon cable.


I'm sure there's got to be some ways of adapting this to make it work. Seems as though it would be as easy as getting some kind of wiring adapter to put between the sensor board and lens board to convert that ribbon cable. Or perhaps there's other, better solutions? I'm just not sure what direction to go or where to get started.


Since I've got to replace the sensor anyway, I just hate to put another outdated sensor on there, when newer technology is available. Besides, I could really use the better wide dynamic range and other features that the Effio-V offers.




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