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Camera with audio as an intercom

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Is anyone aware of a Hikvision (or other!) IP camera that I can buy that has the following feature set?


- IR



- Weatherproof / suitable for use outside

- Effective 2-way audio


So there's an existing setup, and I want to add a camera at the gate, with a panel in the house to allow discussions with potential visitors - and probably a switch to open the gate.


I'm willing to mess about with an external mic if I must, but it would be better if I can get it all in a single uinit. What's the sound pickup like on the integrated mikes? How loud are built-in speakers, can they be heard over an idling car engine perhaps?


Thanks in advance!

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The issue that has been brought up before is that most cameras do not have full-duplex audio, meaning it's more walkie-talkie type were mic and speaker are not on at the same time, not like a telephone. The other issue is being outdoors, not many outdoor cameras that are good quality and affordable with built in mic & speaker.

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