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Motion Detection Hikvision cams, Dahua NVR.

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I really like these Hikvision Camera's "DS-2CD2532F-IWS" and the "DS-2CD2432F-IW" but I liked the throughput of the new Dahua NVR(s), so I bought the "NVR7216-8P", it's a 16 channel NVR with 8 built in POE ports, plenty for what I wanted to do.


But I'm been struggling with getting things to work.


So today, I went into each camera and set motion detection and now the NVR appears to allow me to enable motion detection, but doesn't allow me to set the interesting area, so I'm hoping by not touching that it's going to use the camera's zone or maybe it will just use the entire screen?


Trying to see what I'm doing wrong. I want the bandwidth of the Dahua but the resolution quality of the hik cameras.


Yes, IE only for the Dahua is crud, silly limitation, but I'm using the SmartPSS 3 on my mac and that seems to allow me to configure move around the Dahua quite easily, but it's hungry for resources.


Any steers in the right direction that hopefully doesn't rely on my selling the Dahua NVR (because the cams are going no where)




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Try to set the motion detect interesting area by directly enter into Hikvision cameras setting through IE and then connect to Dahua NVR and enable motion detection function.

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