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  1. This is probably 7+ years old. If I was to do it over again, where should I be looking? All my cameras are Hikvision but my NVR was yes, Dahua. (back then Hikvision had very little to offer in the NVR space). Only real requirement is 8 ports of POE since my cameras are installed using the power from the unit. Cat5/6 runs. I may consider using this time to upgrade some cameras and getting more PTZ ones. Thanks Tory
  2. I think with my fan going out on the CPU it fried something, replaced fan still seems to be out of whack. So looking for another control board, can't seem to find it doing a normal internet search. Thanks Tory
  3. I had a CPU fan go bad, so I replaced it. I'm not sure if anything burned up or it just kept rebooting itself. Anyways, via HDMI output I get 16 squares/cells (should be camera outputs, but since on bench there are none). Network, I still can see the IP come up, but can't get to it via browser and telnet (can't seem to get the right user/pass combo). So I figured it's been sitting untouched for a bit of time, so maybe I should do an upgrade, well, I can see a box pop up asking me what I want to do with the USB Flash drive it's found,but I can't get any of my mice to work :). Some suggestions was to remove the hdmi and see if the mouse starts working, but since I've got no output on the VGA, I can't really tell if the mouse is working One note, is that right at boot, it seems it sees the mouse, I can move the cursor from the middle to some distance away and then it stops but can't click, can't right click to get the menu. Keyboard doesn't seem to be an option here either. So any secrets? i've gone as far as attempting a full reset, power off, hold switch on mother board down for 30 seconds, release. But it still seems to remember it's IP address (from the initial config, so not sure it's actually resetting) (but remember, I am failing to telnet in (creds are wrong or something). Not sure why no VGA output, unless its configured to use HDMI only and since my "reset is not taking?"" But I think I would be in an okay space if I could get a mouse working. I've got 3 here, one is direct wired and the other RF/IR or whatever. Is there a special backdoor reset or other? Screen sorry can't insert, as link has spaces/special characters. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8tnjlptasjmmr2/Photo Sep 07%2C 18 21 01.jpg Thanks Tory
  4. Thanks ya that's what I figured. Just ignore the local timestamp and grab the one that seems to have a clue Thanks Tory
  5. I don't see the Dahua listening on the NTP ports, so for some reason I don't believe I can make it an NTP server and provide the correct time for the Hikision camera's connected to the NVR. And since the cameras are connected directly to the DAHUA they are getting a private IP address and doens't appear the Dahua is doing any NAT/forwarding for camera's attached to it, so I can't configure the HIK camera's to grab their own time from a public NTP server. I can set the cams from my computer, but that lasts maybe an hour and then all camera's plugged directly into the Dahua NVR end up completely out of whack, but what is interesting is the Dahua NVR is keeping perfect time, so where the cameras are getting their incorrect time from is beyond me . Also the rate of change is not indicative of small time creep, something is resetting them to a really odd time. Almost like me setting PST time zone -8 GMT is being ignored and since they are Chinese camera's they are taking something internal and setting time based on that. I don't have an answer and have tried almost everything. The camera's that are connected to the Dahua via IP only and not plugged in for POE or network access, keep time just fine (but again they have NTP configured and can go outside), so this really appears to be a Dahua NVR thing, or a combination of Chinese camera's Any idea? I can obviously just remove the timestamps from the Hik camera's and not worry to much I guess since the Dahua has the right time and it will record/playback the right time, but having the timestamps on the footage seems like a good idea if there were any incidents? Thanks Tory
  6. I've getting some wash out effect at night and wondered if I move the LED's under the camera (flip the lens), so that the led's are on the bottom and thus not reflecting off the white gutters of my house, would that help? Thanks Tory Hikvision Cams
  7. I really like these Hikvision Camera's "DS-2CD2532F-IWS" and the "DS-2CD2432F-IW" but I liked the throughput of the new Dahua NVR(s), so I bought the "NVR7216-8P", it's a 16 channel NVR with 8 built in POE ports, plenty for what I wanted to do. But I'm been struggling with getting things to work. So today, I went into each camera and set motion detection and now the NVR appears to allow me to enable motion detection, but doesn't allow me to set the interesting area, so I'm hoping by not touching that it's going to use the camera's zone or maybe it will just use the entire screen? Trying to see what I'm doing wrong. I want the bandwidth of the Dahua but the resolution quality of the hik cameras. Yes, IE only for the Dahua is crud, silly limitation, but I'm using the SmartPSS 3 on my mac and that seems to allow me to configure move around the Dahua quite easily, but it's hungry for resources. Any steers in the right direction that hopefully doesn't rely on my selling the Dahua NVR (because the cams are going no where) Thanks Tory
  8. Seems like a few of you have told the OP what to do, but I'm still not seeing it function. Camera is plugged into the Dahua POE, it's taken the Switch IP that it was given. The Dahua NVR sees the camera and I can configure basic things Manufacturer : oniv IP address: (what the NVR assigned to it) RTSP Port: 554 HTTP Port:80 Username: Admin Password: (I've set a password) Remote Channel number: 1 (first camera I suspect) Decode Buffer: one can delete this but it always comes back as 80 Server Type: Auto, had set it to tcp earlier. Still once I try to go to Image: I get Channel 1 does not support configuration search or modification. I think this is similar to what the OP is seeing, so unless I change it to general and pass the url, so it just takes me to the camera's UI directly, I can't seem to figure out how to make the Hikvision work through the Dahua NVR either.
  9. No reply to the last posters question. I have the same one. I bought Hikvision camera's because they are reported and visually appear to do a better job capturing video But I bought a Dahua NVR because it has more throughput, however there is obviously no Hikvision choice in their drop down But oniv doesn't allow video , the best I've gotten so far is setting general and having it take me to the camera's UI. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Tory
  10. I pulled the same rookie move. But instead of doing one , I figured I would do 2 at a time. Now I have a camera that is at 5.2.0 and Chinese only. And I have a cam that appears to be bricked (as I attempted to take someone's posted 5.1.6 and did the tftp trick it worked the first time,but then I took my divinci.tar.gz file from my good camera and placed it on the filesystem and cycled it and I think that process destroyed the filesystem). Power it up link light stays on solid (no matter how long it sits, even after a reset), it doesn't make an attempt to talk to the tftp server, nor does it attempt to communicate on the wire at all (running tcpdump). So can anyone help? Is there a way I can fix my mistakes and make my lesson a bit less costly? Thanks Tory
  11. Well I tested the "javascript:chooseLanguage("en")" addition and don't see that it works. I have 2 camera's now that I got over zealous with and installed 5.2.0 from the USA site, everything is now in chinese, they were in english on 5.1.6.. I also think I bricked one, I attempted to install a 5.1.6 via tftp, but it seems to have wiped out the filesystem, so there is link but it's on solid and does not come up as anymore, nor does it appear to want to talk to the tftp server. Soooo well bah!!!!! I have 3 cams here with 5.1.6 work fine, I have one that now has 5.2.0 and has reverted to chinese and I get a language mismatch error when trying to downgrade or change to 5.1.6 I was hoping I could copy the Filesystem from a like 5.1.6 camera and have it load it via the SD card but I can't get telnet or anything up on the "bricked one", so I think I'm sol or may have to ask Hikvsion for a bail out. BAHH!!
  12. The Dahua appears to support Hikvision cameras, but there is an outstanding request to have record on movement features supported, it does not at this point (unless I'm wrong). The Dahua cites that it can do 160 Mbps throughput, while the Hikvision's appear to be capped at about 40Mbps now, maybe with 4-6 cameras (3mp (1080P), it's not a big deal, but just seems to be such a large gap. I would like to buy for future scale, so 40Mbps vs 160Mbps seems like a whole lot of future proofing. I'm trying to spec a system, I do want motion and i do really like the hikvision camera's a bit better (sure there are some Dahua that are just as nice) I don't own PC's and only have laptops in the house, so trying to build my own system is not really a starter (While I could, not something I'm interested in), so really looking for an 8 channel (with 8 POE ports) that will work well with Hikvision cameras. I tried to start some discussions on another forum and got no traction, so not sure if it's just a closed group, or maybe it's trying to get back to it's software roots? Any assistance is appreciated.