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Cable Quality, Camera Image Quality

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and have been learning the home cctv security field day by day.


In 2012 purchased a Zmodo 8 camera system. Installed 6 of the cameras with the included kit wiring.

Since then I've upgraded the cameras from 1/4" 400tvl to 1/3" 700tvl and have not seen much in the quality of the video.


Recently the Zmodo DVR control board failed and I purchased a Truvision DVR30 TVR3008. A much bigger unit with what appears to be much more in regards to the settings, but I am still stuck at image quality and thinking that the factory wiring from the original zmodo kit might be the issue.


What are your thoughts in regards to the cable and video image quality? I believe that a RJ-59 or RJ-60 coax would provide the ability to carry a better signal to the dvr, which may increase the image quality.

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Your guess could be very right. As to analog cameras, the image quality depends on the video decoder chip set of your dvr set. Your old dvr must likely carry TW28XX chip sets form Techwell. But your new DVRs must be using a poor/cheap video decoder. Can you please open the box and let me know the chip set name for all of your DVRs.

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A good quality 480 tvl 1/4" camera may well out perform an ordinary/low quality 700 tvl 1/3" camera as it is NOT as simple as "bigger sensor & more tvl equals quality"

Many manufacturers lie about the tvl ( you have no way of checking )

Many manufacturers use acrylic (plastic) lens's instead of optical glass

Many manufacturers have little in the way of processing electronics in the camera


When you say you have not seen much improvement in the video quality are we talking recorded video or live video ( or both ) The live video is simply a split of the signal from the camera BUT the recorded video has undergone compression by the codec in the DVR. So your recorded quality may be limited by the DVR you are using NOT the camera.


Cables - poor quality cables can cause high frequency signal loss from low dielectric quality.

poor quality cables can cause low signal level fro high DC loss ( aluminium & steel )

poor quality cables can result in low noise rejection ( aluminium / steel shielding, low shielding density , etc)


Do NOT be tempted to use RG6 , it is designed for UHF RF frequencies & its shielding properties are NOT the best for 5Mhz cctv baseband frequencies.


Hope this has been helpful

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