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  1. SunnyKim

    Splice COAX to split the feed.

    Video on cable is NTSC or PAL , both interlaced format and smaller resolution. Monitors require Progressive (Deinterlaced) video for display. The monitor (TV) should have an AVIN (CVBS) port. Expensive TVs have a better Deinterlacer for a better visual quality.
  2. SunnyKim

    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    Ghost. Try a new brand cable.
  3. SunnyKim

    Swann 4k night vision EXTREMELY poor quality

    Two points: Point one: You are destined to receive very much blurred video when transmitting UHD (8MP, 4K) Video Data on a coaxial cable by Analog Modulation Scheme. Point two: UHD camera is made of CMOS type and electronic rolling sensor. The pixel sensor does not have time to gather enough lights in 33m Sec frame time, in a low lighted condition. Lots of electronic noises creeping into the Pixel Value. You are always cheated by fiddlers if you get to believe that Large sized videos is to be delivered with always better quality. I do not recommend 3MP and above camera systems on a coaxial cable. 2MP Full HD -30 FPS is OK with current technology, on a coaxial cable.
  4. SunnyKim

    hd-sdi to analog avigilon

    http://www.vivako.com/html/product.html?catcode=101000000 http://www.vivako.com/html/product.html?catcode=100000000
  5. Check out wikipedia for H.265 and they are still in disputes over patents and licensing difficulties. And a new different standard is coming, they say.
  6. Is this true that products from Hik and Dahua are to be banned ???? https://www.theepochtimes.com/vermont-bans-huawei-zte-and-three-other-chinese-tech-firms-over-security-concerns_2812890.html
  7. See how people get stuck on bad information..........so what about 8mp 4k over coax 8MP camera could be IP camera with properly impedance matched, or very much blurred, nothing worth. Just an excuse ..... might loose a day Hmmmm, I would say Too much blurred video does not require much of storage space. But not worth of any bits. The old way moving sensors for b/w new cameras don’t .... it’s moved on we’re talking colour 24/7 but if the op wants to buy low quality and old tech and pay over It does not make a sentence, You may check out why Chinese Smart phones claim more pixels, say, 20MP, while iPhone is limited to less than 12 MP(?????)
  8. Please allow me to add 2 cents. We can say that 5 MP has better video quality when the enough light is provided, if all other condtions remain the same. As to low light performance, please be noted that most mega pixel sensors are of CMOS type and Electronic Rolling sensor. The sensors are supposed to spit out pixel values in a certain amount of time. The more pixels, the shorter time interval to transfer the charged electronic value (after gain amplified), for every frame. Thus, the more prone to electronic noises, leading to a poor video. If all conditions remain the same, 2MP is better than 5 MP, in terms of low lighted performance. And 5 MP needs more storage space. It could be a waste for the much blurred video. To add one more comment, 5 MP might be too many pixels for analog modulation method for coaxial cable.
  9. SunnyKim

    Design recommendation from experience

    The visual qualtity of 5MP analog HD cameras may not be delivered to your DVR over at 100 Meters, probably failing your expectation. Go for 2MP analog HD cameras, very cheap these days.
  10. SunnyKim

    Monitor Quality.

    You are partly right.. That's how marketing drives to get a bit higher price.
  11. Running short of power supply seems to be the cause. Check they are all grounded properly.
  12. Clocks are running differently faster or slower, in all different devices, Just as yours with your friend watch. Your server can be networked to a world standard time, just as your smart phone. But your IP cameras are not, to our sorry. That's one of disadvantages for IP camera system.
  13. SunnyKim

    where can I find Analog HD specifications

    HD-CVI was initiated by Dahua. HD-TVI was initiated by Hikvision and Techpoint. HD-AHD was initiated by Nextchip. With my two cents in, nothing much to claim as a standard or patentship, as they are all similiar to NTSC scheme, a sort of adhoc. Sqeezing more number of pixels and moving color sub-carrier frequency to a higher freqency zone, etc. That's why the signal gets deterioated as distance gets longer, as we know the signal of higher frequency can not go longer. Up to 200 meters, 1080P x 30fps is tested OK in our lab on a good commercial cable. And therefore no common governing organization for these adhocs. You have to contact them each, for more information. Basicaly, as long as they serve your needs, you can go for them. Simply because they are cheap enough.
  14. SunnyKim


    4K UHD of analog modulation on a coax cable can not be marketable. How far it can be transmitted??? Nobody wants to pay for Video Scene all blurred except Chink. Do you ????
  15. SunnyKim


    As the cards need to run on a PC, addtional IP cameras can be supported by the PC software. That's why named as Hybrid DVR. Interrupting events and software updates can me easiliy made with the PC. Please note that analog HD of 3MP or 4MP can be claimed to be delivered on a coaxial cable. but losing lots of details, and not much distance. The coaxial cables were for much lower frequency of analog cameras. So analog HD of 2 MP are hitting Max Frequency of details for those cables.