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DVR TV-7108H does not save settings

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Hello. My DVR TV-7108H(H.View manufacture) does not save settings(Network settings - DHCP and e-mail alert settings) after a power outage. Maybe I need a firmware update or I do something wrong?

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If you have it on DHCP, that means the DVR will get any random IP Address, If you want to keep that same IP address and not loose it, than you need to uncheck DHCP and Make it Static where you enter all the Network information yourself so it doesn't go and fetch any IP the router gives it when it is restarted or an outage occurs, you might want to put a UPS on the DVR so it doesn't have issues when the power goes out and doesn't get surged. Also make sure you do IP Reservation in your router settings for that DVR.


The email settings, I'm not sure what is going on there, but what is it doing exactly in the email settings.

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