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  1. Hey guys. So I'm having compatibility issues with settings between Dahua recorder and Hikvision encoders via Onvif. So Dahua recorders keep defaulting the hikvisions encoders time settings to default, it changes the timezone and daylight savings settings and the customers getting upset, so log sorry short getting to the point, I'm trying to find a tool or something that i can have running on a windows machine all the time that will send the correct timezone and daylight savings settings to the HikVision encoders every x hours. This is going to be my best bet for now until permanently fix the issue. I just really need a tool or script or something thats running 24x7 and sends time settings to hikvision encoders and it can use Onvif or hikvision protocol to send the time settings to the HikVision Encoders. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys!!
  2. Hey guys, its been a while. So question, whats a good way or tool to replace the hikvision logo in their firmware and maybe the model number. I will be doing this to a few DS-6716HWI Encoders that i need to put my logo in the web interface when you login via web browser. Thanks guys!!
  3. Is there a way i can change the hikvision logo in the web interface? and would like to change the model number too if its possible in a firmware for ds-6717hwi encoder.
  4. Yes, So if you are using AC, use the 2 ports at each end, doesn't matter which wire goes in which slot since its AC.
  5. I have a business in Surveillance, i am in need of a few vendors for hikvision products and also dahua. If you are a reseller and sell original poem devices and not hacked chinese cameras. Please email me at bigboss_mo2004@yahoo.com
  6. Ya that is pretty normal actually in that time period. That is why it is recommended to reboot atleast once a month to clear cache and any dump files that will cause it to freeze up like that.
  7. Please use the following link. It is in my DropBox, it will expire in 36Hours. Download all Content. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sshuec6xm2cww87/AABszq7nN8AL-eBR-1fDgFwIa?dl=0
  8. Yes there is, i think after 3 or 6 it locks you out. But You can just unplug the camera from power source and plug back in to reset the password lock.
  9. abdelm01

    hikvision camera heating elements

    What is the lowest temperature that the freezers will go to. The Turbo Analog will support down to -30 degrees Celsius. I would recommend using their Outdoor Pro Smart series cameras, I just installed those in -40'Celsuis , they have built in heaters.
  10. It's not "WaterProof" as in you can dump the camera in a water bucket and all is fine. It's "WeatheResistant " as in there are seals inside the camera in the screw holes to where it when you tighten the camera to the mount it protects against water from coming in. And in the case of the screw on the side of the camera, you will not have issues with it because it does not have a way inside the camera, it's just for adding conduit.
  11. abdelm01

    NVR for Hikvision

    Cheapest one you will find is DS-7608NI , make sure it says it has 8POE Ports on it.
  12. If you are trying to plug the dahua camera directly into the back of the NVR, it will not work, because Hikvision uses a non compliant version of direct plug and play with dahua. So basically Hikvision just want their cameras to be able to plug in the back of their NVRs, it's all business. To get it to work, you will need to have a separate switch that the NVR plugs to and the dahua camera plugs to. Had the same issue a couple weeks ago. Oh and make sure the switch you get is POE.
  13. In the iVMS application, go to device manager and click on your NVR/Device and click on Remote Configuration. Then in the video settings , you can change the cameras to 2048x1536(3MP) , or 1920x1080P(2MP). Or you can log in the NVR/Device using its IP Address using Internet Explorer and you can change it in the Configurations Menu.
  14. abdelm01

    HIKVISION DS-7716N-E4/16P PoE ports

    The POE ports will not act as a "Switch" of how you are thinking. You will be able to access the cameras direct but using the NVRs IP Address with a specific port like , that is the first port number they use. You will not be able to type in the cameras IP in a web browser to see it but rather use the "Virtual Host" that Hik added to where you can just click on the cameras link in the NVRs web interface as a link. May I ask what you are trying to accomplish like trying to stream the RTSP stream using a 3rd party app like VLC.
  15. There are a lot of recorders that support your needs. I prefer using the Hikvision DS-96256NI NVR. On a 24 HDD set, I usually do 2 sets of raid 5 and 2 Global Hotspares. They also support RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10. You can also find smaller solutions but with the same outcomes.