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HikVision Chinese knockoffs??

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Can anyone shed light on cameras with the following model numbers ?



where d = digit, for serial number


I'm guessing that the K-20141008 is the date of manufacture e.g. 2014-OCT-08,

but the CMR-HD200-20 is really an unknown, and nothing on the search engines is really



The Firmware Version is : V5.1.6 build 140802

The Encoding Version is : V5.7 build 140701


I know the internal module is a K20IA, but I'm struggling to find any more information.


The firmware of the camera seems to be an almost identical variant of hikvision, without the banners and model numbers, but the pages , tabs, options and features are all there.


If this is indeed a hikvision knock off, is it possible to upload a later firmware? but which firmware do I use?


I have since established that this is indeed a Chinese camera using the script in this topic



I have done prtHardInfo and this is what I get

# prtHardInfo

Start at 2014-11-01 21:07:11

Serial NO :CMR-HD200-20-K20141008CCCHddddddddd

V5.1.6 build 140802

hardwareVersion = 0x0

hardWareExtVersion = 0x0

encodeChans = 1

decodeChans = 0

alarmInNums = 1

alarmOutNums = 1

ataCtrlNums = 0

flashChipNums = 0

ramSize = 0x4000000

networksNums = 1

language = 2

devType = 135170

SD status = 0 (1:noraml;0:none)


I'm really keen on updating the firmware but without any more information I'm struggling to determine which is the one I should be using.


Thanks in advance


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Pics on the camera, or what model it is (or you think it is), would help.


I don't think it is a "knockoff", just a rebranded unit. Hikvision sells their units to companies that put their brand on them. The firmware, interface, etc, is just a little changed. And yes, you can usually upload the Hikvision firmware on the unit, and you will get the normal Hik interface.

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Ah, ok, it is a PTZ camera.


Only the camera module is from Hikvision. Everything else assembled by some unknown chinese manufacturer.

You can not call it a "Hikvision knock-off", since it is not being sold as a Hikvision camera. They clearly state that only the module is from Hikvision.




You could probably install the Hikvision firmware, but unless you have a good reason to do so, I would not bother.

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I'm already paranoid and therefore as cautious as possible when purchasing off Ebay.


I look for key words that are present, and some that may not be. When I checked this ad, it looked like a no-name brand right off, with one module being Hikvision (which is something I would avoid personally).


I wanted to add, I have still ended up with counterfeit items on EBAY, but documented it well, created a case, and got all my money back as counterfeit (misleading item descriptions) are not allowed on EBAY.

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Despite its manufacture and (almost) identical software characteristics to is HikVision counterparts, functionally, the camera seems to be doing its job, except for one little problem with daylight savings. (which I don't believe is a problem in China...)


The DST (Daylight Savings Time) tab seems to be missing, in the firmware, which is quite annoying especially since this will be a fixed camera with months of capacity that I have no intention of looking at until I really need to.


I was thinking of either applying new firmware to see if that would fix the problem, or hacking the existing one, in memory to apply the DST tab, and associated functionality to compensate.


Can anyone offer any advice? Is there anyone there that could possibly offer any guiding direction?


Thanks in advance.

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I have a similar camera and stumbled onto this forum looking for info.

The eBay add claims the camera is 3MP: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251581454500

My Serial # is: CMR-HD200-20-K20141008CCCH483322479, Model#: CMR-HD200-20-K.


The eBay seller states Manufacturer is Hikvision. But also says it comes from "CCTV-RU" if that is helpful.

The box was completely taped over blocking any labeling.


If you find any more Info, please let me know. I will do the same.



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