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Actiontec router freezes with Q-See DVR connected

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Hi guys ... I have an interesting situation here with a Q-See QT5682-4E3 system that I bought online:



When I keep the Q-See DVR connected to the Actiontec router/modem that I have from Frontier, the latter one freezes and there's no way I can connect to it remotely or connect to the internet anymore, unless I reset it. Even without any cameras connected to the DVR, I still encounter this problem and I already have the second router from the ISP, as I thought that was the problem. I tried connecting it to any of the Ethernet ports and even running it through a separate Ethernet switch.


The router model is Actiontec MI424WR.


Does anyone know what might happen here?

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The only time I ran into trouble like that with a qsee Dvr is when I didn't forward the ports exactly like they said in the manual. I chose to set the ports to 'both' as usual, meaning TCP and UDP. That caused a conflict in the router and I had to reboot it for Internet. Then I went back into the forwarded ports and did it exactly like the manual stated, just TCP, and all was good. Check that.

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