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In need of suggestions for 16 IP camera system

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I am the Systems Administrator for my company and have been asked to purchase and install a new Camera system. I intend on creating a separate network, with a PoE switch, in order to optimize the system for the camera system. These 16 camera's will be indoors. Some cameras will be used for security within the building while others will be used to record items received and shipped by our company. I would like to be able to store footage for at least 3 months, which will probably require a SAN or a NAS. I have looked at the Buffalo Video Surveillance NAS Solution with Axis Communications Camera Support for Small Business as well as Netgear's ReadyNAS. While I know networking I realize there is a lot I don't know about Video surveillance systems, camera licensing, and good software and hardware that need to work together. I appreciate any and all help from the professionals at the CCTV forums.

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in order to choose camera you should give us more information about the place and aplication of each camera and also how much they are willing to spend.

if axis cameras are chosen, milestone software can be a wise choice.

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The BOTTOM LINE is not what wire or network the camera's use, rather being able to play back a video and recognize the face of a person - and being able to clearly "see" which items are being shipped and received... Perhaps someone in that department or someone in charge of "loss prevention/security" would want to be able to play back videos and zoom in on package labels? Maybe just an overall view of the area will be ok?


Best to first search google for the following words...


cctv facial recognition


...and you will see that a face (or shipping box) needs to take up a good part of the picture for facial recognition or to read labels on the box. May want special zoomed in or HD cameras for certain areas? Maybe not?


Also search google.com for the following words...


cctv choke point


...you may also want zoomed in / HD cameras in these locations as well.


I would recommend FIRST consulting with the people at your company in charge of loss prevention/security and shipping/receiving. Ask what their requirements will be for what each camera can see - how large of image of people and boxes - camera placement.


Then decide which cameras can do that - next which wiring and recording gizmos those cameras require.


Another consideration is live viewing or a security guard. Will certain people want to view the cameras live? Need some sort of alarm if there is motion or activity (security guard) - audio?


If someone wants to record audio, be sure to float the idea past the company lawyer.

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