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Samsung sla-550da lens

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Is the Samsung Sla-550da varifocal lens A good choice to use with A Samsung Snb-5000 ip camera that has An ir cut filter?


(Samsungs web site says="lens adjusts to different light levels")


Also, and very important, the Samsung Sla-550da has A focal length of 5-50mm (f1.8)

Is that focal length good for A room that is 12 foot by 12 foot with the ip camera in the corner?

Thank you in advance for your knowledgable answers.

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The Samsung SNB-5000 is a 1.3MP IP Box camera with 1/3" CCD and True Day/Night (ir cut filter)



The SLA-550DA is Auto Iris and 1/3" lens but is not MP rated so the image might not be sharp and edges/corners might be fuzzy.


That lens is not ir corrected or Day/Night rated so images might be good in daylight but fuzzy under low light.


Also, specs show F1.4 not F1.8 (lower F is better for low light)

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