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Provideo DVR-16/IP

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finally arrived, dont buy it if you need it quick, or even kindof quick, or anyway, took like a month to get here, or longer.


Will post updates here on what i find out after testing it.

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Ok, basically if you want a good remote video option, do not buy this one, its okay for local video, as its a mux, and DVR, but the software side is terrible. They have almost no instructions on what software to actually use to view it over the web, and then finding a browser based option, when you change things it actually changes the views on the monitor itself, so you are controlling it, if you hit play, the local operator sees it playing also. Also video quality its very bad.


The mux video quality is also about 3/4 the quality of the Kalatel dvr and im sure others.


Anyway, just my 3cents, sell it for a local DVR, but for remote, stick to something that is proven and simpler to use.


Another comarison, it comes with one manual, which you can barely recognise the image examples to see what software is used for what and they dont tell you which is which at least for the remote video side so it makes it almost impossible (there are several small software programs on the CD). Whereas the DVMRe CT i just hooked up, in 1% of the setup time of this one, 1 remote software program, has 4 manuals/operating sheets, quick start guides/archiving details and more, and high quality images of software, connections etc. so even a DIYer can hook it up in only a few minutes; instructions are clear and simple.


All in all, you definately get what you pay for.

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Thanks for the review. Valuable information on real life situation. I'm sure it is some really cheap Taiwanese or Chinese version they picked up. Unfortunately most people don't bother to check out these things first.

Hope you can return it.

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