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Identifing this PCIE dvi card

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Hey, I came here seeking help with a cctv system. My parents own a retail store and their previous PC camera system crashed due to a bad mother board. I salvaged what parts I could. I was able to salvage the capture card but I do not know the manufacture or where it was purchased from. How do I install drivers to the new computer without knowing the brand/make/model of this card? I know that it is a 24 channel capture card but that is all. They were using 24 1/3"Sony Color IR 550TVL cameras.



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If you still have the old Hard drive you can try to salvage the drivers and software off of it.


Slave it to another PC and you should be able to dig through it.


Worst case you should be able to find the manufacture of the software.

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this explains how to find out about an unknown device/card when connected into a pc running windows.

it worked out ok for the last guy so hopefully will for you too.

good luck.

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