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A detailed Fibre optics system of 13 cameras.

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Hey Guys,

Have been working CCTV setups from past two years. Want to know any recommended suggestion to install 12 cameras, 8 ptz's and four fixed lenses in an efficient manner. I am concerned about the topology of the system i.e any efficient manner to lay the cable as well as install the setup.


Thanks and cheers!

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there are various single channel/4/8 channel fibre optic units out there.

you can daisy chain from cam to cam and use a fibre each, you could also use a multichannel receiver via 1 fibre to a common collection point near the cameras or a bit of both. use fibre to a break out box then run copper localy to cameras that are near each other.

your info supplied is a bit low on info ie distances involved /local power available etc.

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