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Dahua's cameras are in loop > login and logout from a NVR

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I have a problem in one localisation.


There are 10 cameras outside. As NVR is Dahua 4116H device.

8 cameras are connected by POE switch, 2 cameras has own power supply and they are directly plugged into switch. 2 cameras, POE switch and NVR are connected to 1 Gb Asus branded switch.


From the first days in cameras are these lines in log:

5	admin	2015-04-05 18:40:35	Logout	{"Address":""}
6	admin	2015-04-05 18:40:18	Login	{"Address":""}
7	admin	2015-04-05 18:40:07	Logout	{"Address":""}
8	admin	2015-04-05 18:39:51	Login	{"Address":""}
9	admin	2015-04-05 18:23:59	Logout	{"Address":""}
10	admin	2015-04-05 18:23:43	Login	{"Address":""}
11	admin	2015-04-05 18:17:12	Logout	{"Address":""}
12	admin	2015-04-05 18:16:56	Login	{"Address":""}
13	admin	2015-04-05 18:14:53	Logout	{"Address":""}
14	admin	2015-04-05 18:14:32	Login	{"Address":""}
15	admin	2015-04-05 18:13:36	Logout	{"Address":""}
16	admin	2015-04-05 18:13:20	Login	{"Address":""}
17	admin	2015-04-05 18:07:29	Logout	{"Address":""}
18	admin	2015-04-05 18:07:09	Login	{"Address":""}
19	admin	2015-04-05 18:06:13	Logout	{"Address":""}
20	admin	2015-04-05 18:05:53	Login	{"Address":""}
21	admin	2015-04-05 18:02:45	Logout	{"Address":""}
22	admin	2015-04-05 18:02:22	Login	{"Address":""}
23	admin	2015-04-05 18:01:56	Logout	{"Address":""}
24	admin	2015-04-05 18:01:39	Login	{"Address":""}
25	admin	2015-04-05 18:01:09	Logout	{"Address":""}
26	admin	2015-04-05 18:00:56	Login	{"Address":""}
27	admin	2015-04-05 18:00:56	Logout	{"Address":""}


It seems that a NVR ( is still login and logout from each of camera. After few days working each of camera is hanged and must be disconnected. After powering again a NVR is connecting to the camera and all is working fine by next few days.


From a NVR log:

Time:	2015-04-03 09:19:46
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 5

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 6

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 2

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 9

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 4

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 3

IP Address:


Time:	2015-04-03 09:20:06
Type:	Remote Info
Channel: 1


What I done?.

- changed an admin password to default "admin"

- changed Motion detection (which works very good) to Continous recording

- checked wires to cameras

- changed POE switch

- changed one 8 POE ports switch to 2x 4POE ports switch

- removed Internet from this network

- checked DHCP settings and range in TP Link router

- replaced switch in this network to Asus 1 Gb 5 ports.


When camera is hanged up, I can't login by WWW, sometimes I can login by Telnet.


I have few this NVR 4116H in other localisations and there is no problem.


What I will do:

- I will replace power supply to a NVR

- I will try to replace an NVR to other one

- I will connect an UPS device


On Dahua's site I have found:

message: I have two cameras IPC-HDW4200S (firmware 2.420) and a NVR NVR 4104P (Poe) (firmware 3.2300.VT00.0.R). Cameras are connected both to the NVR integrated poe switch. After some days (5-7) both the cameras lose the connection. In the NVR log i can read the messages "REMOTE INFO" and the cameras starts to LOGIN and LOGOUT. Any suggestion ? Could be a firmware problem ? After a software reboot of the NVR the cameras start to work properly... Thanks


Reply by :dahua Time:2015-01-27


Reply: Solution 1: Check if the network environment is good and the network cable hole plug of IPC end is loose. Solution 2: Check if there is IP conflict. Solution 3: Check if the device is under normal power supply. Solution 4: Check if the device upgraded to a wrong program.


A NVR is an English menu. Cameras?. Probably too, but I don't know. But are with an English language. But the same cameras are working correctly in other places from September, 2014.

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