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Kguard SHA108 can't open menu

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I bought a stand alone Kguard system with 8 cameras in may/june of 2014. I have 6 cameras setup inside and outside of my garage, primarily to see the back lane and yard. The DVR is inside the garage. The system has been working excellent for the past 10 months or so. I haven't really used it over the winter, and I went to access it today, but I can't access the menu. I know to hold the "left" arrow on the face of the unit to enable the mouse, then click to open the menus. problem is, as much as I try It doesn't seem to work. The mouse just won't enable. I don't hear the beep, or see any kind of flash or any reaction. The HDD light does stop for half a second when I press the button, so I know it's not the button. I tried power cycling the unit a couple times. I boots up just fine, and then displays all the cameras as I would expect. I just don't ever see the mouse.


Is is possible the cold winter played some havoc with the unit? Is it possible the "menu screen" was switched to the VGA somehow? (I've always been using the BNC as the only display). I don't use the LAN feature, (yet). My first test would be to hook up the second BNC instead, and/or maybe the VGA. If that doesn't work, then I would try bringing the unit inside to warm it up. Failing that, I'll see if there is any warranty left on it.


Please, give me some options to try here.


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I have the same problem with a Kguard dvr, model BR821. Any answers or ideas about this problem would be appreciated. Could it be a result of lighting? The unit maintains the ip address but the software otherwise seems inactive like it's not running. Anybody know how to re-flash the software firmware manually?

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