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3 Cameras needed for gated community -I need help

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We have a unattended guard shack, I need #1 one dome camera that will record voice also by the call box, so when someone pulls up and goes through the list and calls the reality company, the reality company can then say state your name and phone number I will then let you in. I want this recorded on to the DVR

I also need #2 a camera that will record the car's license plate as is headed toward the entrance gate, the gate is only about 50 ft from the call box and the speed of the car will be max 2 mile per hour for a short time, most likely the car will need to wait at gate for the gate to open.


Number #3 will be watching cars as they enter through the exit gate


I was told a good mega pixel camera will capture a license plate and I won't need a license plate camera.


I had someone from a security service tell me I should use these. I think they are analog,. I like the POE stuff so much better and heard they are doing away with all analog cameras in OCT 2015

I need 2 Honeywell HB75 bullet cameras

I need 1 Honeywell HD31WH dome camera

I need 1 Honeywell HRGX 4 channel DVR with 1 TB HDD

whole system cost a little over 2 thousand -------------- PLEASE TELL ME A BETTER WAY

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