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Battery outdoor PIR with IR light?

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Does anyone make a battery outdoor PIR with IR light?


E.g. so I can have a camera overlook an area and then it's easy to see if the IR is activated on the PIR (out in the area).


I have some IP cameras and I have a trail camera, the combination is good for wildlife, but I don't need the full functionality of the trail camera, I just need it to light up when it detects motion. I was thinking I could have several simpler PIR IR lights in the area that the IP cameras look at. Hopefully the IR would light for say 30 seconds or so.

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Many thanks for the reply, those look a bit more advanced than I was thinking. I was thinking there are many battery PIP lights, but hoping there may be some with IR light. I don't need wireless. But 2 year battery would be awesome!


Senario. My IP cam monitors an area but normal movement detection is difficult due to bushes and trees. When I place my trail camera in the area it detects local movement with its PIR and films with its IR light. But, when it does this it is very easy for me to see from motion detection on the IP camera because the trail camera lights the area. I don't actually need the trail cam to be so advances as to film at all, I just need it to have an IR light. If I can find some simple, battery PIR IR lights I can buy a number of them and have them in various locations for several IP cameras I have.


I've had wireless PIR before, but along with all the other network stuff, it gets too much fuss. My motion detection has found nothing interesting for a month now, I last nigh I put the trail cam in the area, and even though it was windy, it took me just a few seconds to see the the trail camera had illuminated a badger and a pine marten! Which I had been hoping for ( they used to be out there). All that without turning on any alarm from the camera and without going out to the camera. Just because the IR light was easily spotted by one of my IP cams. If I had more localised battery PIR IR lights, I could set them in other areas, and also where owls come. It's a basic thought that should not be expensive and fairly low tech, I just wondered where to look for such a thing or if I need to but cheap battery PIR lights and change the led's to IR...

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