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Pelco is90-CHV9 - Lost IP address

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Attempting to revive some old Pelco IP cameras and have no way to access the legacy IP settings to configure them for the new head end. It looks like these are early IP models, with analog 540 line cameras, using an ethernet adapter that they added to make them "IP cameras".


I found what looks like a reset button, labeled "SW2"...but when I press it the result varies....and never results in a default IP address.


Does anyone know of a sniffer, or another way to identify Pelco camera settings on a network?


Having the subnet would be incredibly helpful, looking at the dead ONSSI server I can see the previous settings, but they are not accessible on the LAN. I can only assume they were configured via DHCP. But that assumption would also lead me to believe they'd return to their default if disconnected.


They respond to neither their legacy IP settings or the default IP...


Any thoughts on how I might be able to bring them back to the network?

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Here's how I do it. This may or may not work with these cams, and there are probably easier ways as well.


Run Wireshark on a PC that's only connected to the camera, not the network, to reduce messages.

Connect the camera to the PC.

Power it up or reset it.

You'll see messages like "Who has ip address xxx? Tell yyy". One of these IP addresses will be your PC, and one will be the camera.

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as maxicon = definite result.

you could do a quick ping check across a normal default range such as 192.168.0.(1-254)? or 192.168.1.(1-254) and 192.168.2.(1-254).

This would be a total stab in the dark but many installers set up closed systems on their own small networks tend to stick to the normal default range of the unit supplied.

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