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Please help. Need license plate # off this vehicle.

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Hello everyone,


I am in need of your assistance in retrieving the license plate of this vehicle. They broke into my car and stole all my family photos which are sentimental to my wife and I. They also manage to steal our personal information and our electronic equipment for work, but besides all these things, they stole a family heirloom that was given to my wife that we cannot replace... Please help us. We are at a total loss and would really appreciate your help. We really hope you can help us identify the culprits by getting the license plate #.


If you can, please PM the license plate #.


Thank you very much.


















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Do you have variable bitrate in your export settings? Make sure you crank the bitrate all the way up for the highest definition image.



I think someone has been watching too much TV


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Take those pics to the police ASAP and have them on the look out for the vehicle, sorry about what happened.

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Thats life , get real and get on with yours and don't stress over something you have no control over.


I have never tried using enhancing software but I just haven't the time. If you are that desperate try Akvis Refocus you can get a free 10 day trial definately nothing to lose.


What time di you say CSI miami was on TV again?

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