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Samsung NVR SRN-473s and ZModo Wireless Cameras: Disaster

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Due to a recent burglary, we had to consider various options for a home IP CCTV solution, which could work on existing network infrastructure.


I bought the Samsung NVR SRN-473s with the factory hard disk drive of 1TB, which I found quite user friendly. The issue that I am experiencing are the following:


1. The ZModo 720p Wireless Cameras (Model: ZP-IBH13-W) are affordable and easy-to-setup, however: their live streaming is not 30FPS, far from it! Is this related to the router (which is a Netgear Nighthawk) or to the cameras themselves?


Also, I cannot make them work with the Samsung NVR through ONVIF Protocol but through RTC ONLY! Aren't they supposed to be working with all ONVIF compatible NVRs?


2. The Samsung NVR doesn't record continuously. It breaks constantly in Scheduled mode. Motion Detection mode does not work, to my surprise! Does it require for the cameras to be motion detection compatible too? Apologies for my ignorance but I would expect this to be a feature of the NVR.


Please share your thoughts. Thanks for your help in advance.

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A few things to consider:


- Most users don't run 30 fps unless there's a specific need. 10-15 fps is pretty common. Some cams struggle to reach full rated FPS, especially if there's any on-cam processing going on, like motion detect, noise reduction, etc. This is usually due to low-power on-cam CPUs.


- Wireless is not as reliable as wired. If you want a high reliability system, you might consider switching to wired if practical.


- ONVIF is a quirky standard that's not well supported between multiple vendors and devices. Device triggered motion detect is only supported by recent versions of ONVIF, I believe.


Sorry, no clue on the Samsung NVR details.

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Even if it's ONVIF it doesn't mean that it supports ever function. Typically they only go with continuous recording or what the camera can give to the NVR. Did you try updating the camera firmware? Wireless isn't reliable as it looks better go wired like that guy said, I agree with him. You should have gone with a Samsung camera to get things on the same picture or a different camera manufacturer who is serious about compliance.


Have you tried to manually add the camera instead of auto.search?

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Hi All – Believe it or not, I managed to connect the ZModo IP Cameras to the NVR, by just disabling its internal DCHP Server. It worked beautifully, till the moment I decided –stupid me!– to upgrade the NRV's firmware. It stopped working, without ANY changes in the settings at all. Of course, I double-checked the settings and they all appear exactly the same. I even initialised the unit, loaded the factory default settings and started from scratch: Nothing!


I was wondering if you have any advice at this stage. I was wondering whether buying some rather expensive Samsung cameras would solve the issue!


All thoughts welcome! Thanks.

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