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Autotracking dome

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I need suggestions about autotracking dome. Autotracking should work, like in this scenario:


When no perimeter system alarm, dome just should do field scan.

After alarm comes from perimeter system (VMS send preset command to dome), dome should immediately start autotracking.

There no one perimeter zone for dome, one dome should handle about 6 -8 different perimeter zones.

I'm tried Samsung SNP-6320RHP dome, but, it starts autotracking after about 3-4 sac, and target disappears from dome field of view.

Set too wide field of view doesn’t helps, objects become too small for autotracking.

Also Dahua dome was tried (with autotracing activation after alarm input closing), but, in this dome, autotracking sometimes work, sometimes no, with no reason, why...

Also, dome should have integrated IR (minimum 150 meters), and 1080 resolution.

Does anybody has good experience with this setup?

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