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IZLID's Home CCTV System (help needed!)

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Hello. I just purchased a one year old home, am wanting to install a CCTV system, and would love to get everyone's input/guidance. I will continually update this thread along the way with photos and results. Go easy on me though as I'm new at all this!


Here's what I'm wanting:


• High-end vandal-proof PTZ dome camera on front of house that can look up and down the street (mainly to catch license plates of passing vehicles); needs dome cover so as not to be obvious about where it's pointing (don't want to make the neighbors too paranoid); also needs to be super clear at all hours of the day and night

• 2-3 additional fixed high-end vandal-proof cameras trained on the front door, back yard, etc.; also need to work well day or night

• Ability to view and control video remotely from smartphone, iPad, and laptop

• Prefer some sort of cloud backup of footage (even if limited in duration) in case someone breaks into the home and steals the NVR


With these basic needs in mind, I'm a bit confused about where to start. SuperCircuits is a website I've used in the past but it appears they funnel customers to the 3S/Alibi brand. Is that a good way to go or should I consider something else?


I'm also a bit confused about how the footage is accessed remotely. I've gathered that IP cameras are the way to go, they will connect to an NVR via Ethernet cables, and the NVR will be connected to my internet router. But is the software/smartphone app you use to access the footage determined by the brand of camera? Brand of NVR? Completely up to the user, regardless of brand? I'm a bit lost on that.


Thanks for all your help.

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I know this is late. Not sure if you are still working on this or not. You don't need IP cameras to be remote accessible. In most cases the DVR or NVR is what you will network. So technically only 1 devices will need IP setup.


Depending on your budget there are many options. You mentioned Supercircuits ALIBI brand and 3s. ALIBI seems to have what you are looking for but sound like your going to need help with design and install. 3S looks like an IP camera company. Call one of those companies and see if they can recommend an installer/dealer in your area to come out to your place.


Hope this helps.

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