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Wireless Camera viewed on Apple Mac

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Hello all,


I am being asked to install a camera at a barn that can be accessed on a Apple/Mac something.


Anyone have any knowledge on that mix. Really don't have the brain juice for the Mac World.


Any help would be appreciated.





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If the camera is IP, either wired or wifi, then I recommend the Apple/Mac software "SecuritySpy" by Ben Bird. It runs a software dvr on the mac computer. You can view the IP cameras, record the video, get email alerts, and just about everything that a box dvr would do.

This is VERY easy to setup. All you have to do is get the security camera on the local Lan by plugging it into the router or using wifi to get it on the lan of the computer.

The software then just picks up the IP address of the camera(s) and you select them.

You can set SecuritySpy to do scheduled recordings, 24hr recordings, or motion detection recordings based upon movement of the camera's image.

You do have to pay for the software, but it is well worth it. Their support is awesome.

disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with SecuritySpy, but I have used it and highly recommend it!

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Hi Blue,


Thanks for the input.


However, the potential customer has decided that having exterior motion lights was their better choice

to handle the the current condition. Go figure????


As for the software it might do the job but it would be very difficult to evaluate since I don't do Apple stuff, etc.


Life goes on.



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